Thursday, December 24, 2009

Taylor Confirmed for Grammy Performance

I have got come very exciting news for you all! It has been confirmed that Taylor will be performing and presenting at the 2010 Grammy Awards! I think we all remember that she performed "Fifteen" with Miley Cyrus last February, but she will be performing by herself this time.

The 2010 Grammy Awards ceremony promises to be a very A-class event, while also quite a show, now that Beyonce and Taylor Swift are confirmed as performers. Both are the favorite ladies of the night, with 10 and 8 nominations respectively, and both are bound to bring down the house in their own manner with live performances.

Details are not yet available as to which song and in what particular manner the divas will perform it. In fact, their presence on stage for the Grammys night is, as of now, confirmed only by “inside sources,” first to People magazine (for Taylor) and then to Entertainment Tonight (for Beyonce). However, knowing these two, should this prove to be accurate, music lovers all over will certainly be in for a blast, it is being said.

“Taylor Swift, whose eight Grammy nominations are second only to Beyonce’s 10, will be a performer and presenter at 52nd Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on Jan. 31, an inside source tells People,” People writes. “ET can confirm exclusively that Beyonce will perform at the 52nd Annual Grammys. An inside source tells ET that Beyonce, who holds the most nominations at 10, will take the stage and perform a number,” ET also says of the first rumored performers for the big night.

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