Thursday, December 24, 2009

The new version of Taylor's official site

Taylor's official site just had a huge make-over! And I have to say that it looks absolutely amazing! It has tons of new features including a huge photo gallery and a official forum where all of the Taylor fans can make their own profile, add new friends and post on the boards. All of you should go check it out and make sure you visit the Hi-Resolution photo gallery where there are new gorgeous outtakes of the Blender and SNL photshoot that we have never seen before! I will add them on the site soon ♥

Also, it has been announced that Taylor's new single will be... "Fearless"! It will be on the radio stating at January 4th so make sure you get ready to request the new single and help Taylor get it to #1! I can't wait to see the new Music Video!

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