Monday, July 4, 2011

New Blog Entry

Taylor recently wrote a new blog entry! It's pretty long but worth the read :D

A Midsummer Night's Blog

I'm writing you on a summer afternoon in Nashville. All the idealistic markers of a perfect day are presenting themselves right now in this moment. I mean, we're talking chirping birds, blinding sunshine, a just-the-right-amount breeze.. There's the distant sound of power washing from someone else's deck and my feet are up on the patio table. I just ate a really awesome sandwich. Such a simple, good day. And so I just wanted to say hi.

I go back on the road tonight and this weekend we'll play in Greensboro, Knoxville, and Louisville. And I guess I should just tell you up front that playing shows on this tour is the best time I've ever had onstage. The crowds we've been playing for have been so unbelievable.. The kind of crowds that jump up and down the entire show, making our view from the stage look like a giant ocean of dancing, jumping people. These are the kinds of crowds that sing the words louder and more passionately than I ever could've imagined. And to have a show that includes ballerinas and fireworks and entire scenery changes.. it's thrilling for me. My band and I have already come away with memories to last a lifetime, and it's not even halfway done yet! The other night, we were playing our first of two shows at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts. I'm all the way at the end of the stadium, playing "Fearless", and I swear as soon as I sang the words "With you I'd dance in a storm in my best dress, fearless"… I felt a drop of rain hit me. Then there was another one, then there was another. And then it turned into an absolute downpour. Everyone is soaking wet. And at this point in the show, about halfway through our set, this fear came over me that everyone was going to leave the concert. I tried to push it way back into the back of my mind and just kept playing, and to my surprise, the strangest thing happened. No one left. Instead, this ocean of people in front of us just started dancing even more, screaming even louder… And that night I actually got to dance in a storm with them. In my best dress. I'll never forget it.
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