Monday, January 31, 2011

ET Online Interview

Check out this interview video of Taylor from ET Online!


  1. My name is Jaime Vance,

    & I would like to bring you outside, so I can look in.

    I am speaking now,

    Are you going to hear me like I've always heard you?

    It may only be a wish away,

    Or a click or an email away? Phone call would sweet, but I won't get my hopes that high.

    Can I make you believe?

    I would like this fairy tail to come true.

    You have the prettiest eyes I've ever seen.
    ---"We'll stick to just an email right now"----

    Until your ready that is? :)

    Hope I don't scare you :).

    Sweet dreams :).

  2. I looked you in the eye on the tv. Wasn't suppose to, bit your special.
    Then saw you on Ellen, I'm sure we're friends, but Im sorting out my bs.
    I've been around since way before csi. Ha!!! Too funny, Im crazy! Jk, your amazing. Not sure if this dose anything for you, but your in my thoughts and I turn up the radio and listen like you were singing to me, whether to me or to me thru my former 'love' or what ever. But when you did that awards show, your reaction knocked me off my feet.

    I'm still in some weird mode, so I can have no promises now, prob need to wake up, but to America's Sweetheart, I'll tell you to have confidence in knowing that you are a vibe in this world that will never die! Somehow, I love you Taylor.
    Xoxox - T