Thursday, January 13, 2011

Back to December Music Video!

Taylor’s “Back To December” music video is now out! I think it's amazing. It really focuses on how Taylor feels and I love that! Love the snow idea as well :D Taylor also looks so pretty in the video! Check out the video below and tell me what you think!


  1. She's gorgeous and impressive..
    De awaiting moment is reached at last..

    I wanted to say thanks to eu because this blog is de only way to let me know more about Taylor..
    You're too really awesome..

  2. White Horse all over again.
    except this idea made sense for White Horse.
    This video is not too great.
    She looked beautiful, but she never even ended up in the same place as him.
    & isn't that the point of the song? To swallow her pride and apologize?
    Im not bashing Taylor because she is beautiful and amazing! I just think the video had more potential.

  3. as usual, she's so amazing!!!
    i like this video, even there's something weird here.. there are only Taylor and the boy, there are only them! but i love how the way Taylor expresses what she feels..

    Love Taylor Swift!

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  4. she so beauty! I love this video! :)
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    I love this song