Saturday, October 9, 2010

"My Country" Book

Melanie Dunea has written a new book called My Country: 50 Musicians on God, America & the Songs They Love. The book is about country music artists from the beginning to now and Taylor is featured in this book! You can order the book here. I absolutely love the photo they took of Taylor!
Award-winning photographer and author of My Last Supper, Melanie Dunea traces the through-lines from country music’s gritty roots to the chart-topping chanteuses of today. My Country presents beautiful, imaginative, and revealing photographs of icons ranging from Taylor Swift to Wynonna Judd to Little Jimmy Dickens alongside interviews that reveal the stars’ musical roots and inspirations, their defining moments, and what makes country music the heart and soul of America. This unique book is a must-own (and a perfect gift) for fans of the old-time country twang and the millions who love the glitz and glamour of today’s country-pop. My Country is a music lover’s dream.

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