Thursday, July 29, 2010

KILT Gets Sneak Peek at New Taylor's Song!

KLT is one of the first radio stations that got to hear Taylor's new single "Mine". LUCKY~!! They say it's a catchy uptempo song and it shows Taylor's growth and maturity over the 2 years. They also included a small part of the lyrics for us!!.

I also added the single cover below! I absolutely adore the cover and Taylor just looks so pretty... the hair and dress = <3 Check it out!

Edit: I added a higher quality of the single cover! Enjoy!

Reps for Taylor Swift are swarming the country to play the new Taylor Swift song, “Mine,” to radio stations. KILT was one of the first stations on the list and got to hear the song just moments ago. Radio won’t get a copy of the song until early August, but you can read our exclusive review after the jump.

Taylor Swift’s new song, “Mine,” will be the first release from her upcoming new CD, Speak Now, which hits stores on 10/25.

“Mine” is an uptempo song that’s unmistakably Taylor. It’s a boy/girl song, sort of like “Love Story,” but a much more realistic look at a relationship. It shows Taylor’s growth and maturity over the 2 years since she released Fearless, but still maintains Taylor’s ability to tell a story with an instantly memorable hook.

In the song, Taylor is a girl who always avoided love and then finds herself in a great relationship. Here’s a line from the chorus:

You made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter / You are the best thing that’s ever been mine
“Mine” has a big chorus, and is very singable – like all great Taylor Swift songs. Keep it on KILT to hear it first and get all the details of the new CD and Taylor’s upcoming tour.

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