Sunday, June 13, 2010

Taylor's 13 Hour Meet & Greet

Today was a big day for us fans and the amazing Taylor! As we all know, Taylor held an 13 hour meet & greet in Nashville today. She is just so amazing because she even extended the time to make sure that not one of her fans that attended will miss out on meeting her. She cares so much about her fans and appreciate every single one of them and I am so proud to be a fan ♥

Taylor also left a little message for the fans who didn't get to attend:
"For those of you that couldn't be here.. I'm thinking about you. And I wish you could be here."

You can check out some photos is THIS gallery. She looks lovely :)


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  2. Hey T-Swift fans! Did you go to Taylor's big meet-n-greet this weekend in Nashville? Did you get a pic with her? Send us your Taylor photos from this weekend ASAP and you might see them on "10 on Top" this Saturday! (cool, huh?!) Friend us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @10onTop!