Monday, April 5, 2010

1 millionth fan to Fearless Tour

Taylor welcomed her 1 millionth fan to Fearless Tour in Wichita, Kansas. Read the article below to know what happened. I also added a HQ photo of them holding a huge one millionth ticket. Notice the section, row and seat are all Taylor's lucky number :)

Rachel, a college student who was attending her third Taylor show, was surprised at her seat before the concert that evening, and taken backstage to meet Taylor. After a private meet and greet with Taylor, Rachel and her sister had their concert tickets upgraded to the front row. Taylor launched the FEARLESS 2009 Tour last April 23 in Evansville, Indiana, and the tour was extended into 2010, continuing through this summer. In total, the tour will visit 87 cities in 53 states and provinces in 5 countries. Every show sold out. The North American FEARLESS Tour is produced and promoted by The Messina Group (TMG.) TMG is a partner of AEG Live, one of the top live entertainment companies in the world.

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  1. This post sparked my attention for one particular reason. Not only am I a Taylor Swift fan, but when I was back home in the Bay Area for spring break, my friend and I heard something about the 1 millionth fan prize on the radio. Obviously, at that point we did not know who would be winning or what city the tour would be in by then. After taking a look at the tour dates on, we hoped that the prize would land in San Jose, especially since my friend was lucky enough to get tickets for that concert. Unfortunately, there was no similar luck when it came to being the 1 millionth fan. She absolutely loved the concert Taylor performed last night though, and even sent me a video message of my favorite song. We’ll see what kind of luck the next tour will bring us, and until then we’ll continue living our lives, “fearless”. Congratulations to Rachel from Kansas!