Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010 People Choice Awards!

The People Choice Awards red carpet has closed and Taylor was running late so she might not catch the red carpet. She's only doing the show now but hopefully there will be photos. She tweeted earlier:

I am riding in a helicopter right now. And I have service up here! Heading to the Peoples Choice Awards. Mid-air tweeting... So 2010.

The show has already started so lets wish Taylor luck!

Edit: Unfortunately Taylor didn't win "Favorite Country Artist" but she DID win "Favorite Female Artist"! Yay! We voted enough!! Congratulations Taylor!! I also added 4 photos of Taylor at the show. I will add more photos as soon as they come out. She looks absolutely stunning. Her dress is beautiful and her hair and make up is done perfectly.

Edit: The show is now over and and unfortunately "Favorite Pop Artist" award went to Lady Gaga. Atleast Taylor won Favorite Female Artist which is one of the big awards! I've added moore photos from the show and some of them are Taylor accepting her award. I will add the press room photos as soon as they come out.

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