Tuesday, January 26, 2010

1 Picture from Sugar Magazine Covershoot

I added 1 beautiful picture from the Sugar Magazine Covershoot that Taylor did. She looks so beautiful and I can't wait to see more from this shoot. The issue comes out in stores in the UK tomorrow, so make sure to pick up a copy if you can!

Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner may not officially be a couple, but we're guessing she definitely still has a massive crush on him. When asked by Sugar magazine what was really going on between the pair, Taylor blushed and hid her face before confessing, "Er, we’re texting… And… Um. I’m seeing him next week to film more scenes for Valentine’s Day, so…" Given all the giggling and blushing, we're gonna assume she has the hots. Bless. Taylor also admits in the interview that she had hardly any friends at school and that she used to hate her beautiful hair. "In school I hated my hair," she says. "My first boyfriend would make subtle suggestions, like, ‘I love your hair straight – you should do that more often.’ So I’d straighten it all the time. Or he’d say, ‘You look so good with a tan,’ so I was tanning every day. It hit me that I didn’t want to be the version of myself that he approved of, so I had to end it." Sounds like a lovely guy. Er...NOT. We bet he feels like a prize idiot now. The down-to-earth star adds that she doesn't want her enormous fame to change her, saying, "I hope I never change the way I live my life just because everyone’s watching it. If I don’t want to be photographed doing something, then I probably shouldn’t do it."

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