Thursday, September 10, 2009

FEARLESS Platinum Edition Tracklist!

The cover of the Deluxe version of Fearless has been released! They used the same picture but it still looks pretty cool with the black background! I simply CAN'T wait until I can hear the new songs along with a new version of Forever and Always! You can view the Tracklist of the CD and the DVD content below.

CD (Note: the new songs are the one with ♥ next to them)
1. Jump Then Fall ♥
2. Untouchable (Cover) ♥
3. Forever & Always (Piano Version) ♥
4. Come In With The Rain ♥
5. SuperStar ♥
6. The Other Side Of The Door ♥
7. Fearless
8. Fifteen
9. Love Story
10. Hey Stephen
11. White Horse
12. You Belong With Me
13. Breathe
14. Tell Me Why
15. You're Not Sorry
16. The Way I Loved You
17. Forever & Always
18. The Best Day
19. Change

1. "Change" Video
2. "Love Story" Video
3. "White Horse" Video
4. "The Best Day" Video
5. "You Belong With Me" Video
6. "Love Story" On The Set-Behind The Scenes
7. "White Horse" On The Set-Behind The Scenes
8. "You Belong With Me" On The Set-Behind The Scenes
9. FEARLESS 2009 TOUR Behind The Scenes exclusive photos; Photos courtesy of Austin K. Swift
10. FEARLESS 2009 TOUR Behind The Scenes at the First Show webisode
11. "Thug Story" Video


  1. love this album!!!

  2. I just bought a signed copy of Fearless Platinum Edition <3
    I'm so excited, I already know all the songs haha

  3. Love this album!! Me three!!!

  4. Flawless and Fearless!

  5. Best album of Swift so far.