Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bliss Magazine Cover + Scans

Taylor is gracing on the cover of the September issue of Bliss Magazine! I lovelovelove the cover! She looks beautiful! Hopefully I can add the scans and photoshoot for this magazine soon!

Edit: I have uploaded the beautiful scans to this magazine! Taylor looks stunning! Don't forget to click and enlarge the scans to read the interview!


  1. Taylor looks awesome in the pictures! The interveiw was great!

  2. hi, i was wondering if you could tell me where that number skirt (on the cover) is from? i just love it! Taylor swift(L) thanks!

  3. does anyone know where taylor got that necklace (that she is wearing on the front cover, with the stripy dress) from?
    it would be a lot of help if someone knew,
    thank you (:

  4. the necklace is by many will see. thanks!